FACE Mental Illness

Face-to-Face with Roberta Price

Roberta is a mother, grandmother, and member of the Coast Salish Peoples in Richmond, British Columbia. At a time when many First Nations’ children were being placed in Residential Schools, Roberta was forcibly removed from her family and put into foster care. She was subjected to untold abuse and was required to abandon her First Nations’ identity. Roberta struggled for many years, enduring personal and family tragedies, too afraid to speak out about her anxiety and depression due to stigma. After a near death experience, Roberta sought professional support to work through her painful past and focus on the present. Roberta also found ways to heal and affirm her First Nations’ identity through Elders’ teachings. Roberta believes that sharing her story, continued support from health care professionals, and ongoing determination to help others have allowed her to manage her depression and PTSD. Despite her past struggles and experience with mental illness, Roberta’s strength and resilience allows her to achieve anything she puts her mind to. For Roberta, mental wellness is achievable. For Roberta, Recovery is Possible.