FACE Mental Illness


Developed by consumers, families and caregivers, these two toolkits familiarize consumers and their loved ones to collaborative care and the active role that they can play in prevention and care.

Working Together Towards Recovery: Consumers, Families, Caregivers and Providers
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Pathways to Healing: A Mental Health Guide for First Nations People
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Articles, newsletters and magazines

For those who would like more in-depth information on mental health and mental illness…

Background information…..

Out of the shadows at last (May 2006) – the final report of the Standing Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology (special focus on mental health, mental illness and addiction). The Committee was chaired by Senators M. Kirby and W. Keon. Available here.

The following are two Public Health Agency of Canada reports that summarize major sources of population health data regarding mental health and mental illness in Canada:

A report on mental illnesses in Canada (2002). Published by the Public Health Agency of Canada. Available at: http://www.phac-aspc.gc.ca/publicat/miic-mmac/chap_1_e.html

The human face of mental health and mental illness in Canada 2006. Published by the Public Health Agency of Canada. Available at: http://www.phac-aspc.gc.ca/publicat/human-humain06/index.html

The Canadian Mental Health Association has published 3 editions of A Framework for Support – a detailed and thoughtful policy statement that speaks to the many facets of living well with mental illness. Available at: http://www.cmha.ca/bins/content_page.asp?cid=7-13-981&lang=1


A time for action: Talking stigma and discrimination (2007). A paper published by the Mental Health Commission of Canada. See: http://www.mentalhealthcommission.ca/keyinitiatives.html

Stigma: The hidden killer (2006). A full discussion on these issues. Available at: http://www.mooddisorderscanada.ca/Stigma/stigma_hiddenkiller.htm

Stigma and discrimination (Chapter 3) in the Kirby Report #1, Mental health, mental illness and addiction: Overview of policies and programs in Canada (November, 2004). Available here.

Consumer published magazines….

Moods Magazine offers information, resources and stories of hope by and for people living with mood disorders. The magazine is available by subscription with some articles online. See: http://www.moodsmag.com/

This digest was founded by Bill MacFee who, himself, suffers from schizophrenia. Available by subscription with some articles online. See: http://www.schizophreniadigest.ca/

Reports, newsletters and articles from across the country…

The Mood Disorders Society of Canada offers its publications and articles at: http://www.mooddisorderscanada.ca/

The Canadian Mental Health Association publishes its research reports at: http://www.cmha.ca/bins/content_page.asp?cid=5-34&lang=1

The Schizophrenia Society of Canada has numerous helpful publications such as Schizophrenia: A journey to recovery. See: http://www.cmha.ca/bins/content_page.asp?cid=5-34&lang=1

The National Network for Mental Health publishes it articles and papers at: http://nnmh.ca/resources.html

For a variety of helpful publications from the Alberta Mental Health Board, see: http://www.amhb.ab.ca/Publications/publications/Pages/default.aspx

For copies of the online BC Journal, Visions, see: http://www.cmha.bc.ca/resources/visions

The Centre for Applied Research in Mental Health and Addiction (Simon Fraser University) offers numerous publications on recovery, self care, system reform and many other topics. See: http://www.mheccu.ubc.ca/.

The Canadian Mental Health Association, Ontario Division has published a number of articles on recovery. See: http://www.ontario.cmha.ca/about_mental_health.asp?cID=7667. In addition, the Association publishes a weekly newsletter called Mental Health Notes and Network Magazine three times a year. See: http://www.ontario.cmha.ca/

AMI-Quebec publishes a quarterly newsletter and a resource book for families and friends who have a loved one with a mental illness: http://www.amiquebec.org.  

The Canadian Mental Health Association, Nova Scotia Division has published a reading list for those who want to deepen their understanding of mental health and mental illness. See: http://www.novascotia.cmha.ca/bins/site_page2.asp?cid=284-682-703&lang=1